23 October 2006

Martine Parry: eGames Speaker Profile

Martine Parry (pictured) will present on two panels at eGames 2006. She is Director of Apply Group and also of trade association ANGILS. Martine has held senior positions in the knowledge industry for 20 years.

Following graduation in Physics from Kings College, London University in 1986, Martine spent eight years in the AI industry, two as a Research Engineer in computer vision systems with GEC Marconi and the remainder with various leading visualisation, simulation, pattern recognition and performance support tools and service organisations, developing business across sectors including defence, the intelligence community, energy, telecommunications, health and finance.

She also developed the telecommunications market for leading European software house Admiral Computing (Group: 3000 employees and US$470m t/o and now merged with LogicaCMG) during the first major period of the industry’s deregulation in the UK.

Since 1996 she has worked within the learning, CGI and games sectors, developing new projects, scoping application needs and analysing sectors and application segments.

Martine founded Apply Group Ltd, a leading business consultancy in order to continue this work. In addition to the core consulting business with Apply Group, she has been responsible for driving the serious games association ANGILS over the last few years and is now transitioning it to a full trade association by embracing organisations as members in addition to individuals. This is driven by a maturing market to some degree.

ANGILS is attracting attention and membership from a global audience as we seek to address the key business, design and deployment issues of knowledge transfer from the games and entertainment sectors to the knowledge industries, and vice versa.


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